There will frequently be several facets to every tax decision. To see how the questions around tax all fit together, ask PP Pradhan & Co.

We have experience, knowledge, and understanding of taxation and appreciate the needs of both business and personal clients.

As the client, you require well-thought-out plans that address your situation as a whole – a ‘quick fix’ that works advantageously for one tax may not do so for others. PP Pradhan & Co can provide you with balanced, integrated solutions covering potential liabilities for all forms of tax in Nepal.

You can access PP Pradhan & Co tax services at our office. For international and expatriate tax issues we may also offer connections to equivalent services in other jurisdictions for some countries.

In Nepal, we have close working relationships and regular dialogue with Inland Revenue Department Nepal (IRDN) and often contribute to government consultations on taxation issues.

The formation of IRD with new powers and working methods presents a whole new range of challenges to which we remain fully alert when advising our clients.

Our services

Corporate tax

PP Pradhan & Co can help you plan a tax-efficient approach to every aspect of your business, one that sees the whole picture and works with you to protect the interests of your stakeholders.

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Employer consulting services

We can help design a remuneration strategy to attract, retain, and motivate the right people, and where appropriate implement share plans, bonus plans, and other forms of remuneration to support your business strategy.

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Services to private clients

Drawing on our experience we will examine issues that you may not have considered, ensuring that your wealth is working effectively for you and that you are planning for both the expected and the unexpected.

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Tax risk and investigation management services

Our team of tax investigation specialists understands how disruptive an investigation by Nepal Government Revenue & Customs can be. That’s why we strive to resolve matters quickly and secure the best results for individuals and businesses.

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VAT and indirect tax

We will help not only with VAT problem solving but also in developing solutions that allow businesses to optimize their overall VAT position, ensuring there are no transgressions that could incur a penalty.

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