Risk management

Risk management is integral to good governance and successful development.Every type of enterprise entails risk and those who manage risk most effectively can gain competitive advantage – it’s as much about seeking opportunities as it is about being cautious or defensive.

Think ahead, be prepared and move when the time is right.

PP Pradhan & Co’s risk advisers can work with you to support your need for effective risk management in the strategic development of your organisation.

We will address with you questions of strategic focus, positioning, legal and regulatory issues, risk tolerance and appetite, mitigation options, controls and contingencies and what actions and commitments are needed from your people.

‘Risk management’ is a key component in the PP Pradhan & Co Growth Programme, a structured approach that looks at the fundamental business criteria used by banks, venture capitalists and other financiers to assess proposals.

As well as advising the commercial sector, we have also developed specific risk management processes tailored for pension scheme trustees and professional practices.