Forensic technology

All disputes and investigations rely on the production of forensically sound evidence to support legal action.

In the modern world, communications are ever reliant on electronically communicated and stored information. This not only includes personal computers and laptops but PDAs, mobile phones and an array of mobile storage media.

In addition, the explosion in the use of software programmes to communicate information and the increasing sophistication of fraudsters to be able to erase evidence trails means that forensic technology is ever changing and developing too.

At PP Pradhan & Co, we pride ourselves in being able to effectively capture, sort, analyse and produce evidence for our clients. We are capable of capturing information in a variety of different formats from the full range of electronic media and platforms to bespoke operating systems, exotic IT platforms and hardcopy.

Our forensic technology experts have an implicit understanding of the rules of evidence in both criminal and civil matters and can also act as expert witnesses in court.