NAS Reporting

Nepal Accounting Standards (NAS) became a requirement for all listed and unlisted companies for the accounting periods.

The complexities of converting to NAS pose a considerable drain on time and resources for any financial department, requiring potentially hundreds of hours of work to deal effectively with all matters arising. We’re here to help free your time so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Ethical rules governing auditors allow them to offer clients education and advice on NAS. However, PP Pradhan & Co can manage the complete conversion process for its non-audit clients which will ensure that you have the resource you need, for the period that you need it.

We offer a four-stage process for clients requiring NAS conversion. This includes:

  • preliminary fact assessment
  • detailed planning
  • implementation
  • post-implementation review.

Our expert advisors can introduce and explain the key points in a workshop lasting just a few hours.

Whether it be describing the differences in reconciliations of published accounts or providing a clear audit trail for boards and auditors, PP Pradhan & Co’s conversion tools and proven methodology can ensure a smooth and painless transition to NAS. More details