Valuation – what’s it worth? This is perhaps the most frequently asked question in the financial world.

We assess and give guidance on the values of assets as wide ranging as:

  • shares
  • businesses
  • options and warrants
  • various derivatives
  • brands and other intellectual property
  • film and media rights
  • other income producing assets.

We act for charities, public institutions and quangos as well as private companies, unincorporated entities and those listed on a Stock Exchanges.

Our specialists regularly give robust and well-researched expert evidence and opinion in contentious situations of:

  • shareholder disputes
  • commercial disputes
  • matrimonial settlements
  • damages claims and insured losses.

The non-contentious arena is probably the one that is showing the greatest growth. Fairness opinions include our work in – regulated transactions; disclosure work includes:

  • options and derivatives
  • accounting for acquisitions
  • annual impairment reviews.

Commercial decision-making sees our opinions used in:

  • fundraising
  • security valuation for lenders
  • buy/sell, develop/sell and buy/develop decisions.

The restructuring arena is growing, with special requirements for trusts and charities under the Companies Acts and the Insolvency Act.

We also have specialists covering the semi-contentious areas of tax valuation in its various guises.

Our valuation services are much more than just fixing a value. Our aim is to improve our clients’ understanding of value:

  • what drives it
  • what detracts from it
  • how to manage and grow it
  • how to defend it
  • how changes in circumstances may affect it.

We develop this through presenting and discussing our research and views, enabling our clients to gain real value from the interesting and informed experts we can field.