Growth program

In recent years, the team at PP Pradhan & Co has become famous for assisting businesses with aspirations but in fact, we work with clients of every shape and size.

From fast-growing start-ups to established family businesses and public entities, we help to plan and negotiate the changes associated with growth.

The fundamental principles of growth management apply to every kind of enterprise. Ambitious businesses and organizations wanting to grow, improve, and become more profitable need to consider:

  • how are we going to generate cash and accumulate funds?
  • how will we manage the risks of driving the business?
  • do we have a clear strategy for the creation of value (and eventual succession and exit)?
  • is our team strong enough for today and will it be tomorrow?
  • how will we monitor and manage our increasing wealth?

If you invite the scrutiny of business supporters, lenders, or investors, you should be prepared to deal with these questions. We can help you do this successfully.

Our services

Profit improvement

PP Pradhan & Co’s profit advisers can work with you to make a detailed review of cash and profits in your business, considering each component and its impact on the company’s progress.

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Risk management

PP Pradhan & Co’s risk advisers can work with you to support your need for effective risk management in the strategic development of your organization.

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Strategic development

PP Pradhan & Co’s strategic development advisers have the breadth and depth of experience to work with you to refresh and clarify your strategy and by so doing ensure the alignment of your top management team.

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Team strategic development

Our experienced business advisers will work with you, your management, and key personnel, to ensure that the thinking, activities, and operating decisions are all aligned with the company’s objectives and strategic goals.

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Wealth tracker

PP Pradhan & Co will help you to assess your current position, establish your priorities, and establish a structured plan to control and develop the wealth you create.

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